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Learn More About Warranties at Henderson Roofing

Ask About Warranties Before Getting a New Asphalt Shingle Roof

When calling around for a new roof, be sure to always inquire about warranties. When it comes to roofs, there are many things that may affect them. From high winds to rain and UV rays, your asphalt shingle roof may suffer overtime. One way to cover repairs is to purchase a warranty upon installation.

Many home or business owners may think that warranties are a waste of money. What if nothing happens to your roof the entirety of its life span? Maybe you do not live in a high-wind area, or you’ve never noticed an increase of wear and tear.

Are you looking for a new asphalt shingle roof in the New River Valley region? If so, Henderson Roofing is here this month to explain the importance of warranties. Remember that accidents and natural disasters can come at any time and damage your roof. Know that you are protected with a limited lifetime warranty.


“Do I Really Need a Warranty on My New Roof?”

Roofing contractors may hear this a lot, and the answer is usually the same. Yes, you should highly consider a warranty on your new roof. Warranties are a great way to save on repair and replacement costs, should there be incorrect installation, high winds and more. Your roof gets regular wear and tear by just existing. Heavy winds, rain, UV rays, and just age in general can affect your roof over time. Prepare for a new roof after any damage with a proper warranty.


What Can Void the Lifetime Warranty?

Like all warranties, there are some actions that can void the lifetime warranty on your roof. One of the biggest issues is layering shingles over old shingles. The proper way to install a new roof is to remove all of the old, damaged shingles and lay new ones. This will ensure that they are secure to your building. If you or the company you choose layers the shingles, there is no way to use the warranty if damage occurs.

Keep this in mind when attempting DIY projects or hiring a friend or family member to do the work. When it comes to your roof, always trust a trained professional to get the job done. Angi also mentions a few other ways you can void your roof’s warranty, including:

Improper ventilation. Improper ventilation can cause premature wear and may cause the shingles to fade.

Power washing or incorrect maintenance. Power washing and other incorrect cleaning methods could disturb the shingles or damage them.

Improper installation. As we mentioned, the roofing contractor should remove all shingles before laying new ones. Layering shingles or not laying them properly could void the warranty.

Adding a satellite dish. Adding a satellite dish or other fixture to the roof could disturb the shingles or cause them to break or loosen. Be sure to speak with your Henderson Roofing team member before making the decision to install a roof satellite.

When installing a new roof, speak with the roofing contractor on the job to see what may void your warranty. The team at Henderson Roofing will be happy to go over warranty options and see what will work best.


Choosing the Best Asphalt Shingle Roofing for Your Home

When it comes to roofing materials, most asphalt shingles in the area have a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty is prorated after 10 years. There are many different factors that can come into play when using your warranty, like age, type of damage, and shingle brand. Always read your warranty to make sure it isn’t voided and can cover your damage.

Among the most popular shingles in this area, the Owens Corning shingles, have a higher wind rating. This is helpful for those who live in high-wind areas. Owens Corning, and most other brands, offers three different types of warranties: a standard manufacturer’s warranty, a workmanship warranty, and an extended manufacturer’s warranty. These may include:

Standard warranty: Has coverage as long as you own the home.

Workmanship warranty: Covers incorrect installation or repairs due to poor installation. Usually doesn’t cover natural disasters or wind.

Extended warranty: Can cover new roof after weather damage, like ice, wind, and more. Can also cover workmanship issues, repair, and replacement.

Do you see why a roof warranty is so important? Without one, you may have to pay completely out of pocket when repairing or replacing a roof. Stay protected with a proper manufacturer’s warranty on your shingle roof.


Henderson Roofing Offers Warranties on New Roofs Blacksburg, VA

If you are looking for a new roof in the Blacksburg, VA, area, call Henderson Roofing. We offer quality asphalt shingle roofs, along with hole patching and roof repair, to the New River Valley. Our team has years of experience in the industry and can handle any job no matter the size. Learn more about our warranty options from our top-rated brands, including Owens Corning.

Do you have an existing roof that needs work? See what your warranty covers. Our team is knowledgeable and can help you navigate warranties and repairs. Reach out today.


Are you looking for a new asphalt shingle roof or roof repair in the New River Valley? To learn more about our company and what we have to offer, give the roofing contractors at Henderson Roofing a call at (540) 552-8259. Ask about our new roofs and lifetime warranties.