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Learn More About Henderson Roofing in Blacksburg, VA

Family-Owned Roofing Company Serving the New River Valley Since 1994

Henderson Roofing has served the Blacksburg, VA, community and the New River Valley since 1994. The father-son duo of Henderson Roofing has built this business from the ground up. As a family-owned company, we work diligently to provide honest, high-quality service to all of our residential and commercial clients. We look forward to getting to know you and keeping your roof in top shape.

As we all know, roofs are one of the most important parts of a structure. Without a durable roof, your home or business can fall victim to leaks, pests, and extensive property damage. At Henderson Roofing, our team has over 26 years of experience in asphalt shingle roofing installation and repair to keep your roof in its best possible shape. By neglecting serious roof issues or not trusting a professional roofing contractor, you may be opening up your wallet to extra repairs later on.

Located in Blacksburg, VA, we work with customers all through the New River Valley, offering free estimates and competitive prices on all asphalt shingle roofing services.

Why Choose a Family-Owned Company for Roofing Work?

When looking for the right roofing company, it is always a good idea to consider the local businesses in your area. As a family-owned roofing company, we can provide you with the hometown, friendly customer service that larger corporations just cannot offer. We also offer affordable prices on repair work because we know that most roof repairs are an unforeseen hit to the homeowner’s budget.

Repairing Both Residential and Commercial Roofs

For the past 26 years, our roofing contractors have worked closely with our residential and commercial customers to ensure we complete the roofing jobs to their standards. We treat our customers with the respect and honesty they deserve – while offering competitive rates and high-quality service. When it comes time for your roofing repair or shingle replacement, look no further than Henderson Roofing in Blacksburg, VA. We use trusted brands and materials to provide lasting results for our customers.

If you are looking for a qualified and insured roofing company to perform roof repairs or replacement, Henderson Roofing is here to help. We look forward to working with you.

Referrals Available from Satisfied Customers

Choosing the right roofing company involves much research and thought. A shoddy job can cause extensive costs and repairs later on and can result in further home damage. At Henderson Roofing, we offer referrals from past customers. We guarantee your satisfaction – and our customers will tell you why that is.

Ask Henderson Roofing for a Free Estimate on Roof Repairs

If it is time for an asphalt shingle repair or shingle replacement, trust Henderson Roofing to get the job done quickly and safely in as timely a manner as possible. Talk to our staff to learn more about our services or to schedule a free estimate. We offer free estimates to the Blacksburg, VA, area home and business owners.

Our staff understands the importance of finding a qualified team to complete any kind of asphalt shingle roof repair or replacement. Rest assured, Henderson Roofing provides workers with the proper skills and insurance coverage to complete the roof repair you find necessary. We will work with you to provide affordable roof repair service without sacrificing quality.

To learn more about our company and what we have to offer, give the roofing contractors at Henderson Roofing a call at (540) 552-8259. We accept cash and check payments.